Marcella O’Hare George, mixed media


I retired as an art teacher a few years ago due to a medical condition and as a result have also been out of touch with the local art scene for some time, but am now very much enjoying immersing myself in my artwork. My art provides me with an outlet for my creativity as well as being a form of expression, reflection and relaxation. My art interests are varied, as are the materials that I use. I tend to work on projects where the subject matter intrigues or interests me. In the years during my recovery I have been interested in colour therapy, and have also picked up on the previous topic I worked on – pub culture. This resulted in my first solo exhibition at Mumbles’ Park Inn pub in July of 2016. Mind, body and emotion are themes that consistently run through my work.
My interest in colour therapy stemmed from my recovery, during which time I needed structure and guidance in order to allow my creativity to flow. I took it upon myself to study the use of colour in my work. This helped in my rehabilitation after my illness and continues to be a source of pleasure when I want to relax or when I am not feeling at my best.
My pub culture project focused on the role of the pub in local life now and in the past – the closing of many public houses due to difficult financial times and the resurgence of a new brand of traditional pub which has begun in recent years. I enjoy covering the social aspect of pub life – the conversations heard and the colourful personalities of the locals – and try to reflect these elements in my work.
The next project I am working on will be an extension of my pub culture project – this time focusing on what happens behind the scenes at local pub – the staff, stocks kept and the pub cellar. While this is still at the sketching phase, I am hoping to make this project part of an exhibition at some point in the coming year.





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