Jude Flaherty, batik, mixed media

judeemail: flahertybatiks@gmx.com

facebook: www.facebook/JudeFlahertyBatiks/

I was first introduced to Batiking at the age of 14 and immediately fell in love with the colour, shapes and textures. After completing a degree in art and design at Ravensbourne I went o to work as a graphic designer and typographer and from there into the new media/advertising sector.

Ten years ago I moved from busy London to the tranquility of the Welsh mountains. In 2010 I met and then married James, who loves nothing better than a long walk in the Brecon Beacons. These huge skies and breathtaking landscapes have inspired me to return to batiking and explore the wonderful colours and shapes of nature.

Batiking is for me a wonderful way of capturing the beauty of life, from the smallest flower to the grandest vistas. I wish to share the joy of what I see every day and hope this comes out in my work.

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