Jackie Hannam Bowen, painting, sculpture, collage

jax-picPhone: 07981 65 29 39
Email: wackerjax@fsmail.net
Facebook: Revive

My name is Jackie and I live in Ystalyfera. I’m originally from Newcastle, I’ve also lived on the sunny south coast in Sussex before moving to this beautiful country of Wales in 2004. I run and own a Muscular Therapy business in Ystalyfera whish sees me working with my hands most days, helping people with various muscular problems.

Since I can remember I’ve created. Presently I work/experiment with various media, acrylic on canvas, glasspainting, collage, clay sculpture, each piece of work is unique. I’ve been lucky enough to sell bits and pieces of my work over the last twenty years in various shops and markets My art is really about time for me, a time to express my mood, a time to play without knowing where it takes me. It’s very much a learning process and an expression which reveals to me a clear reflection of my own limitations. I believe all creativity allows us to expand these limitations as we move into the creative ‘zone’.

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