Christiana Ratner, mixed media

I came to Art very late in life. In fact about three or four years ago only. I had been struggling to make sense of my music. (I have been playing an instrument off and on most of my life). After some considerable thought I began to realise that I had lost all confidence in myself and my own creativity. I thought that if I joined an art group it may ‘do me some good’ in a very general way. I found a group and after joining discovered that I was getting interested in painting for itself. This has lead to an ever expanding interest in learning as much about art as I can. Recently I have been exploring working with textile, mono printing, and have started to experiment with making some jewellery. I am enjoying the process of remembering how to ‘play’. Oddly enough by building my confidence to try new things out, I am finding that this is feeding back into my music! I call that a win/win situation. I am very happy when I am painting and would recommend it to everybody.


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