Andrew Rickson, paintings


I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and have worked out of doors on farms and as a craftsman for much of my life. I have a degree in Fine Art which introduced me to the Northern European Renaissance and sparked my interest in a landscape tradition which is traceable through so much of Northern European painting. Particularly I am intrigued by the landscape as a counterpoint to human emotion and its capacity to reflect feelings, from serenity and reinforcement of sense of self, to the acceptance of time passing and loss, to fear of the uncertain, to foreboding of the unknown and the inevitable.

My influences are rooted in this tradition and now I looking at the Impressionists, especially the British Impressionists – Sisley and Clausen, for example, and the Post-impressionists for inspiration. I tend to paint en plein air in oils, sometimes in acrylic for practical reasons – if I’m far from home on a motorbike, for instance – and finish the work off in the studio. Usually it’s an impression of what I’ve seen and felt rather than a naturalistic image.

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